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D3 / T9G
10:00 PM Fri 11th Jan - 00:00 AM Sat 12th Jan (GMT/UTC -6.0)
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The first Dungeon Day will be an attempt T9. The event is first come first serve by position. This means if more than the required class's sign up, the first one to sign-up gets the role. The other stays on the list but as a replacement. The positions are:

3. DPS
4. DPS
5. DPS

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11th Jan
As it is now, we have enough for one team. Based on the needs of team requirements and some schedule conflicts, this is our current team:

DC = Fambam
Tank = Nate
DPS 1 = Kittin
DPS 2 = Hammer
DPS 3 = Swift
Backup DPS = kiri, Achilles w/ stanco & peecees as possibles
Backup DC = Jimbo
Backup Tank = Kiri

Captains Rules:
- Event will be called at 25 Scrolls or 1.5 hours.
- If an attending player cannot aquire scrolls, I will help them out. Please don’t abuse my generosity.
- I will set up a PRIVATE chat for the event and start invites at around 8:45p EST.
- If a player is more than 10 minutes late without communication I will start the replacement process. After 15 minutes the player will be lose their spot.
- I will run the encounter from a private que. should the need arise for a replacement, the encounter can continue from the current process point.
11th Jan
Hope to make it Tonight as well but still in the maybe category.
11th Jan
If I am awake - I'll attend!
9th Jan
I'll be there if needed.
8th Jan
Mediocre hr ready
7th Jan
Two groups!?! Sounds like race time.
7th Jan
For those coming later, keep signing up. We may fill two groups.
7th Jan
I just put maybe.. if I’m needed I’m there
7th Jan
I'll attend and can either dps or tank. Whichever is needed or wanted. I also do not mind being a reserve if others need that spot for progression
7th Jan
Templock at the ready!!
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