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TERA Title Hunters!
11:00 AM Sun 29th Apr 2018 - 5:00 PM Sun 29th Apr 2018(GMT/UTC -6.0)
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Are you a completionist?

Do you like getting those nifty titles to display atop your toons head?

More importantly do you like getting FREE STUFF?

Then come give TERA Title Hunters a try.

This is a bi-monthly event that will take place the 1st and 3rd weekend of every month with a 6 hour time frame where people can join parties and go hunting for a title, a FREE RAPTOR MOUNT, and cosmetic Watermelon pet.

This will take approximately 1 hour to complete. You can run as many alts through as you would like.

We will begin to gather at 11:45am EST in Velika in Freedom Plaza on CHANNEL 2. I will open a PSN party at 11:30am that will be open, but if you are not participating in the event and the party becomes full I will politely ask you to leave to make room for those who are participating.

I will be running up to 2 parties, not to exceed 10 players at a time, around the world of Tera to get a total of 32 Achievements a free mount and a free cosmetic pet.

Items needed for NON-ELITE MEMBERS:

-1 Velika Teleport Scroll (Safety)
-1 Lumbertown Teleport Scroll
-1 Crecentia Teleport Scroll
-1 Popolion Teleport Scroll
-1 Pora Elinu Teleport Scroll
-1 Castanica Teleport Scroll
-1 Cutthroat Harbor Teleport Scroll
-1 Chebika Teleport Scroll
-1 Tulufan Teleport Scroll

-1 Allemantheia Teleport Scroll
-Tralion Teleport Scroll
-Tria Teleport Scroll
-Elenea Teleport Scroll
-Frontera Teleport Scroll
-Bastion Teleport Scroll
-Acarum Teleport Scroll
-Bleakrock Teleport Scroll

-1 Kaitor Teleport Scroll
-Zulfikar Fortress Teleport Scroll
-Dragonfall Teleport Scroll
-Scythera Fae Teleport Scroll
-Habere Teleport Scroll
-Kanstria Teleport Scroll
-Pathfinder Post Teleport Scroll

Total Expected Cost: 32 Gold

You can jump in at any time, but we will NOT be back tracking. New runs will be prompted every hour.

Questions can be asked at anytime in discord. My DMs are also open.

Please RSVP!


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