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1st Warframe Speed Run Contest.
8:00 PM Fri 20th Apr 2018 (GMT/UTC -6.0)
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Welcome to the first Speed Run Contest
Do you have what it takes Tenno?
Race against the clock, hordes of infested, and your own clan mates in a race of survival. Whomever lasts 30 mins without dying and with the least kills has a chance to snag one of these prizes:
1[sup]st[/sup] place: 100 plat + prime part BP or rare/ higher mod
2[sup]nd[/sup] place Prime part or rare/higher mod
3[sup]rd[/sup] place rare mod or 2,000 credits
The rules are as follows:
No frames with invisibility or phasing are allowed.
No speed mods are allowed on the frame
If you die. You’re out.
Don’t kill, whom ever has the lowest kills wins.
No camping. We will have a watcher with each group moving around the tile set to make sure tenno’s in the game are not staying in spot! Only contestants and watchers are allowed in groups. All groupings are random. Abilities are fair use. Remember they count towards your kill count.
Bonus: Grab all the stuff!!! An extra 30 plat may be awarded if a tenno snags all loot in the tile set
Make sure to sign up in the calendar event before event starts. If you do not do so you will not be in the event and eligible for the prizes. Be respectful. Any behavior our admins and mods find unacceptable will result in forfeit of place in match and or prizes. At the beginning of each event a screen shot will be taken of your mod slots and sent into discord. At the end each contestant will send another screen shot before the next round. Have fun!

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