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20th Jul

Post level 70 campaign area chats are notoriously full of nonsense. Partially because controllers are the worst for typing. Here are a few acronyms you might see in these places/alliance chat and what they mean:
CN – Castle Never (dungeon)
ELoL – Epic Lair of Lostmauth (dungeon)
EToS – Epic Temple of the Spider (dungeon)
FBI – Fang Breaker Island (dungeon)
MSVA – Master Assault on  Svardborg (heroic trial)
MSPC – Master Spellplague Caverns (dungeon)
MPF – Merchant Prince’s Folly (skirmish)
T9 or TONG or T9G – Temple of the Nine Gods (dungeon)
CoDG – Cradle of the Death God (heroic trial?)
DF – Dragonflight (Stronghold or Well of Dragons)
Inf – Influence run (Stronghold)
LFG – Looking for group
WTT- Willing to trade
WTB – Willing to buy
WTS - Willing to sell
IL – Item level
AC/DC - Anointed Champion/Devoted Cleric
For more information about this, come chat with us in our discord @ or view on our website @
For more abbreviations visit
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3rd Oct

Bonding Stones Explained
~ By Aaron Jensen on Neverwinter PS4 Facebook Group

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