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24th Jul 2018

From 8pm EST July 24 until 8pm July 31, help each other out for a chance to win prizes!

If someone helps you out, send a mail to Hamjam@fhisch saying who it was that helped you. Don’t submit names of people who helped you a month ago or last week — it has to have been during this week!

There will be three winners for this event:
- FIRST PRIZE goes to the person who gets the most votes.
- SECOND PRIZE will be a raffle between all submitted names.
- THIRD PRIZE will be a raffle between everyone who submitted a name

This means you can win even just by submitting a name! But please: be honest! This is about rewarding those who help us.

I’ll be tallying votes based on account names. Feel free to submit as many names as you want, but if you vote for two characters from the same account, it counts as one vote for that account.

All nominees will get commendations regardless if they won one of the three prizes. We want those who helped us to know they’re appreciated!

Everyone!!! One caveat: guild officers can be nominated and receive commendations, but they are not eligible to win the prizes.

So get out there and help each other out! If you have any questions, reply here or find me online (my characters are Hamjam, Wigglesnax, and Bu Tong). You can also find me on the Ready6 Discord in the #neverwinter_ps4 channel, just grab my attention with @Hamjam.

Have fun and be helpful!!
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