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Dilithium Farming 101
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5th Jan 2019

Dil Farming 101

When you play a character a lot generating a lot of dil is not a problem. getting 8k unrefined dil a day is simple and you end up with way more than you can refine in any reasonable ammount of time. but at a certain point you begin to look for more dil. 8k a day is barely enough, not when you have to upgrade gear, buy reputation items, and donate to the fleet. here are a few basic tips to get 8k a day with minimum effort across all your characters.

1) VIP dilithium Mining Claim For those who have opened a few lockboxes, odds are u have gotten a few of these gems. They are amazing. once a day you fly out to the dil mines in the alpha quadrant, play a mini game for 1 minute, and get 5k dil a day. (10k on dil weekends!!!) so that puts us at 5k for the day for 10 mins of work (10k on dil weekends)

2) Turning In Contraband Those of you who are newer to the game you may never have heard of this. Once a day you may do a doff assignment from the security officer at earth spacedock (in opperations) that costs 5 contraband and rewards 2k dil (3k on dil weekends) farming contraband is a whole different story, but the 2 easiest ways short of making klingon toons is the doff assignment "confiscate contraband from crew" under personal, and buying it from the exchange. That puts us at 7k for the day (13k on dil weekends)

3) Academy Lore Once a day you may answer a lore question at the academy for 480 dil (720 on dil weekends) this takes 1 minute and puts you at pretty close to your 8k refinment for the day limit (close to 14k on dil weekends)

4) Reputation Once you max out a reputation you may do the mission "continuing support) 3 times a day, requiring 7,500 ec, 1000 expertise, and 15 marks, taking 1 hour, and rewarding 340 dil. if you do this across all reputations you get over 3k dil per rotation! sadly this does not provide and bonus dil on dil weekends, but how to get extra marks? that brings us to...

5) Red Alerts Borg red alert and Tholian reed alert take less than 5 mins each and reward 480, and 960 dil respectivly (720 and 1440 on dil weekends) in addition they give u a choice of marks proccing daily marks bonus awarding 55+ marks per run. thats enough to fuel 3 continuing support turn ins for that rep. throw in CCA for fleet marks/nukara marks and you end up with more marks than you can spend.

6) Doff/admiralty assignments Federation chars get the shaft when it comes to doff assignments for dil and admiralty, but they can still be a good source of dil income over time. especially klingon tours of duty which reward 30k dil every cycle.

This is very basic and I hope it helps
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