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[Small CQ Scrim] Ready6 VS Phoenix Pyre
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Joined: 27th Aug 2015
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20th Jan 2017

Welcome Everyone,

I wanted to take a second and do a format layout for the two PSN parties, Phoenix Pyre has requested to move from 12v12 to 16v16. We will be doing 3 MAPS, and we will not be capping any of the base objectives to force middle play. Using ESB Server rules. NO GUN RESTRICTIONS! This will leave 4 objectives per map.

Because we cannot just make every map 16 vs 16 all participants need to make their online PSN status Offline so that random friends do not join. I have no external control panel of our servers. I'd also appreciate everyo ... if were not uniform.

ST.Quentin Scar, Giants Shadow, Ameins

We will have TWO PSN party chats consisting of 8 players each. Covering two objectives for each party.

@Xorpheus will be leader for PSN party 1
@Cajun_Savage will be leader for PSN party 2

Ideally each PSN Chat will need,

1 Infantry Squad Featuring
  • Assault (SQ1: Veergas ) (SQ2: Cajun_savage)
  • Medic (SQ1: ) (SQ2: Lizzie_lou31)
  • Support (SQ1: Vgos____ ) (SQ2: Cronin4u)
  • Scout/Flex Class (SQ1: Xorpheus ) (SQ2: Cronic_001 )

1 Vehicle Squad Featuring

  • Tank/Artillery Driver  (SQ1: The_Pileee) (SQ2: Nenshou)
  • Pilot/Bomber Driver (SQ1: TConway43)  (SQ2: Thatonedj)
  • Tank Repair (SQ1: DerekTaylor_) (SQ2: xXCJmanXx)
  • Floating Medic WITH Revive I.E. Can be in gunner on either plane or tank (SQ1: jessebenoit ) (SQ2: Samanoske )
This is our first scrim so we need to be sure to have fun, it might get rough but the main thing is laugh at it. Winning or losing let's really just focus on not being upset and working through any troubles that arrive by problem solving not complaining.
Last Edit: 22nd Jan 2017 by Xorpheus
Joined: 27th Aug 2015
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22nd Jan 2017

We took a Loss fellas,

First game by
180ish Tickets
Game two by
100ish Tickets
Game Three
Not played.

We didn't practice, and it was our first match. Lets get better and do it again soon!
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