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Battlefield 1: Recruitment Template & Onboarding
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7th Feb 2017


I've got a template for our recruitment message that I want us to manipulate in our own ways when posting, just infuse your personality. It needs to remain in the realm of what I wrote because in my experience it combats what some people have been scared of when deciding whether or not to join a clan.

Template Link:  (First page is Template, second is useful links)
Roster Link:  (When you get new recruits please forward them to me, so that i may add them)

Generally, each member of leadership should post on REDDIT, and BATTLEFIELD 1 official forums once per week, shoot the rest of us the link in #Recruiter chat so that we can back you up and bump the posts.


Xorpheus - Clan Leader
Cajun_Savage - Admin
DerekTaylor_ - Recruiter
Jessebenoit - Recruiter

Things to remember as a member of ready6 period, but more so for us to all enforce -- we want to stay as far away from political, religious or race jokes/topics as possible. This is gaming time, we should leave those things out. If something should get out of hand no one is safe, Cajun or I will most definitely remove you and then discuss severity. If it's clear you were malicious and intent on pissing anyone off there will be no discussion. 

New Recruit Flow: 

Get them signed up on the forum, then in discord followed by actually gaming with them. It should be a priority in your first few interactions because you want to show them what ready6 is about as soon as possible, it also allows us to assess if they are a good fit. If someone is on the fence tell them about the next event on the schedule and remind them were a no requirement clan.

During the first time gaming with them if you think they are a fit invite them to the PSN community as that is how we create parties for all to see, and obviously encourage them to add the other members, and view upcoming events on the website. If you run into issues you can message any of the leadership. We have a lot of guides and useful links which explain almost everything so use those when possible.

If you guys want me to add anything let me know, i think i covered basics and made it easy enough.

Last Edit: 7th Feb 2017 by Xorpheus
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