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How to: Join the Battlefield Roster & Platoon
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Joined: 27th Aug 2015
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2nd Nov 2016

 [RDY6] Battlefield Clan Roster


Due to the nature of the game we do require members to use a microphone. We don't care so much about skill level. If you're consistent, you communicate and have a lot of fun; you're in. What matters the most is communication so we do ask you contribute to our efforts by joining discord which is our messaging application, and be sure you are registered on the website.If you don't see yourself on the roster please reply here. (There is a separate tab for new roster)


  1. Join Discord: Main source of communication for the whole community.  
  2. Register on Website: Large Information Dumps, Internal Competitions, Event Scheduling & Giveaways.
  3. Accept your PSN Community Invite: Used for easy grouping within the PSN UI.
  4. Join Battlelog Platoon: Representing the clan is a must get the logo! I posted a quick guide below!


Battlefield 1 Companion did NOT launch with platoon support VIA the previous battlelog system, EA (DICE) is slowly migrating AWAY from the Battlelog system and on to this companion system. However we can still use the emblem from previous games for Battlefield 1 if you join the previous games platoons it WILL carry over. 

  1. Log into EA's Battlelog
  2. Visit either our Battlefield 4 Platoon or Battlefield Hardline Platoon. (Depending on which you own)
  3. Hit Apply to the platoon
  4.  Once Accepted simply hit the "USE EMBLEM AND TAG" button. Confirm & You're Done.

5. CONFIRMATION STEP: Visit your Battlefield 1 Companion App or the WebsiteYou should see the logo faded behind your PSN Icon. 

Our logo will show up in-game on the squad and kill cam windows, on your soldier's arm, and on any vehicles we get into! DOPE!

Last Edit: 31st Jan 2017 by Xorpheus
Joined: 5th Nov 2016
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5th Nov 2016

Playing bf1 much as i can add me. I play medic primarily but can swing any class effectively. ailyn08 psn id
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Joined: 27th Aug 2015
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6th Nov 2016

@Ailyn08 ... Great to know, and glad to have you! I'm firing up my PS4 right now to see how many guys i can get in the PS4 community but as mentioned above we have to use the posted work around to get added to the Platoon.

Only other way is if you leave your Battle Log name here which can be different from your PSN.
Last Edit: 6th Nov 2016 by Xorpheus
Joined: 13th Nov 2016
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13th Nov 2016

Hope to be added to your roster!
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Joined: 27th Aug 2015
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13th Nov 2016


Thanks for reaching out Pileee, ill be adding you on PSN. If you can be around tomorrow after 6 PM EST we'll get some play time in.
Joined: 2nd Jul 2016
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15th Nov 2016

Just want to send out a huge welcome to everyone so far that has joined us in bf1. Hope to play with all of you soon.
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Joined: 19th Jan 2017
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19th Jan 2017

I play bf4 & bf1 on PS4 a lot I'm pretty good at everything except operating planes @OG_Byrd98. I think I would be a nice fit for your platoon.
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