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24th Oct 2015

I have gone through my fair share of headsets over the years. Sometimes it's difficult balancing budget, necessity and quality. I'll just give a quick rundown of what I use currently.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 500P is my primary headset. They are USB bluetooth wireless and feature 7.1 DTS surround with separate chat/audio adjustments. The battery life is impressive at 12-14 hours of gaming. The only complaints I would have is that the included USB charging cable is crazy short. I'd recommend picking up an inexpensive wall adaptor and longer cable for charging. Second, and this may not be an issue for some, the blue lights on the ear cups flash. Not an issue, but at night when I walk into the kitchen (the wireless has great range) I see blue lights flashing on the walls, lol. No biggie, buy may annoy some. Overall, I definitely recommend these in this price range. It is worth noting that these seem much sturdier in build quality than previous offerings from Turtle Beach.

My backup headsets are the Tritton Kama and Tritton Kaiken. Tritton products seem very well built. The Kama is stereo and the Kaiken is mono with just one ear cup. The reason I like these are that they do not have batteries or cables that connect to the console. Both of these plug right into your PS4 controller just like the earbud that originally came with the console. Both of these also have inline volume and mute controls. These would be great as a primary for someone on a budget or as a backup for those that like to run the batteries down in our wireless sets. Based on my experience with these, I would recommend any of the Tritton products.

EDIT 05/15/16

Since my last review of the Stealth 500P, my headset abruptly broke and required a replacement. The headband broke above the right side ear cup. A brief search online revealed that this is a common occurrence with this model. As disappointed as I am, I can no longer recommend this set until this issue is addressed.

I replaced my Turtle Beaches with the ASTRO A40 Tournament Ready headset with TR Mixamp Pro for PS4. Wow. This headset has definitely earned its reputation. Fantastic sound, fit, feel and build quality compared to any other gaming headset I have used. The only disappointment I have experienced with the Astros is the TR Mod Kit available separately. It's advertised to turn the standard A40's into a noise isolating set, hence the "Tournament Ready". The accessory kit came with a noise canceling mic, leather headband and ear cups, ear tags with inner seal....all of which work together to transform the headset for tournament use. Here's my issue. First of all, the mic is longer than the standard one supplied, thus heavier. I found myself constantly  adjusting my mic after moving my head a bit. Second, the ear cups were much thicker than the standard ones and when used with the sealing ear tags as designed, the set created an unbelievable suction on my head/ the point where I was feeling nauseous after about 20 min of play. It's also noteworthy to say that the leather cups were also much hotter and tended to sick to my glasses. I suppose the kit does what it advertises to do and it looks great, but I personally wouldn't recommend it to the casual gamer. Luckily the Mod Kit is a accessory and not required. The standalone Astro A40TR and Mixamp TR combo for PS4 is hard to beat but I'd stay away from the mod kit.
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