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4th Oct 2015

Hey guys I want to start a madden connected franchise league with the clan. I want to know who all wants to be a part of it. If you would like to be part of it please post here and let me know or send me a pm in band. I will be working on setting up rules for our league and getting a time for the draft shortly. Thank you.
Joined: 14th Jun 2015
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5th Oct 2015

League Guidelines
Advance is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 am
Sim league rules apply

Sportsmanship & General Rules
The #1 overarching rule to anything is 'Don't be an asshole'. If there is a question about the application of one of these rules, the default ruling will fall in favour of 'if it means you're being a dick, don't do it'.
Running up the score: When you have a insurmountable lead, good sportsmanship dictates that you should try and kill the game by running out the clock. Sometimes this means things like running the ball 3 downs in a row, and punting back even when you know you could have likely got a first down by passing. Respect the time your opponent has taken out of their day to play their game, and try and give them some enjoyment too.
If your opponent is way behind and not calling time outs – you need to kneel out your final possession within the final two minutes. Do not pad stats.
Treat your opponents with respect. Don't gloat when you win, don't abuse them when you lose.
Excessive and unrealistic use of hurry up/no huddle is not allowed. If you feel your opponent is abusing no huddle, pause the game and ask him to please play more realistically.
Glitch & Money plays are not allowed. Nano blitzing is not allowed. Running the same plays over and over is un-sim, and is not allowed. Do not use the same play more than 2 times in a row. Do not abuse this either by alternateing the same 2 plays over and over. Play real football people!
Manually moving players on defense pre-snap is allowed as long as it is not resulting in what would be considered 'nano blitzes'.
No playing skill position players out of position.
No manually moving players pre-snap on special teams (FG/XP/Punts) is allowed.
No 'Fourth and Goal' D except on obvious late game hail-mary situations. At all other times, you must rush at least 3 players every play.
Do not do any sort of 'cheat punt that is known to glitch either the blocker or the returner. This includes deliberately short punts to force a fumble from a glitched receiver.
Fake punts/Fake field goals/Fake extra points are only allowed where there is a justifiable and realistic rationale. Essentially, they should only ever be used when you are trailing by <9 points, and the game is tight. If you are getting blown out, or if you have the lead, they should not be used.
QB No Snap Glitch Etiquette: If it is obvious to the opponent if the QB No Snap glitch has occurred. EG) QB cant audible or snap, so the QB will just be standing there doing nothing. the Defence is Expected to Decline the Delay of Game Penalty.
If the Snap cant get off due to poor clock management (calling audible too late or motioning players) then the defence can still accept the delay of game penalty.
If you accidentally accept penalty when you shouldn't have, commit an encroachment penalty on the next play to compensate.
4th Down Rules
General 4th down rules
You may only go for 4th and 4 or less if you are loseing by 2 TDs or more and you are on there side of the 50 yard line.In 4th and goal situations, can go for 4th and 2 when losing. When winning, must attempt the FG
Blow-out exception: If you are getting absolutely blown out (losing by 4+TDs), you can go for any reasonable 4th down, but try and keep it sim.

Game scheduling
You must attempt to schedule your own games. Use the Discord apps private messages. Both parties must make a valid effort to play each match. In the event a game time cannot be agreed upon, as long as both parties attempted to schedule a match, but could not succeed due to (life, sickness, family issues, etc) the game will be simulated. It will be left up to the madden gods.

Fourth Quarter 4th down rules
In the last 4th quarter, can go for any 4th down when losing.

Overtime 4th down rules
In 'next score wins' scenarios in OT, can go for any 4th down.

Team/Roster management
Trades made between teams need to be realistic, and all trades that involve a player who is at or over 80 OVR under your scheme, or involve a first, second, or 3rd round draft pick, needs to be voted.
Include AGE, POS, OVR and a link to the attributes of players involved in trades in the trade in the Madden Discord app.
Must have a full 53 man roster for the entire season, not including players on IR. No more running a barebones 42 man roster to circumvent the salary cap is allowed.
Cutting/Re-signing players to get them on cheaper contracts is strictly prohibited
Teams can only sign a maximum of 1 free agent per game week, unless injuries dictate a need otherwise. Clear it with admin if you have a legitimate need to sign more than 1 per week.
When signing a free agent, post it in this thread each week to let the league know of the roster changes
If a team cuts a 'high value' player, such as a starting QB, it is up to the admins discretion to say that this player is not to be signed by any teams until the admins can determine why he was cut.
Teams that make the Conference Championships/Super Bowl are not allowed to bid on any players above 80 OVR in the offseason Free Agency bidding.

CPU Games
When playing against the CPU for whatever reason, the following rules & guidelines apply;

A CPU game should not be thought of as a "guaranteed win" unless the reason for the CPU game is that your opponent DC'd with the game already won.

Otherwise, CPU games should only be played 1 time, and not restarted multiple times trying to get good stats and a solid win. The admins can see how many times a CPU game has been started.

If you get disconnected during a CPU game, before restarting it you must clear it with an admin. It should be noted that legitimate DC's during a CPU game are quite rare, as you are not playing a peer-to-peer game against a human, and as such there shouldn't be any connection issues unless EA itself goes down.

Restarting a CPU game because you or the opposition team gets an injury is not acceptable (unless you are playing CPU because your opponent DC'd when you had already won). Injuries are a part of the game, and we don't allow restarting a human-vs-human game due to injuries, so this is not acceptable during a CPU game either.

CPU games are not an excuse to stat-whore. Any unrealistic or excessive stats generated in a CPU game may be susceptible to warning or punishment.

You will NOT break any NFL records against the CPU.

If a CPU game has been disconnected/quit out of, and you have asked admin to restart, admin may request you stream your 2nd CPU game attempt to keep everything above board.

Punishments for breaking rules are solely at the discretion of admins, and can include things like players being suspended from your roster, forfeiture of draft picks, and bans from the league.

Drafting: When you draft a player and want to switch positions you must clear it with the admins.
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5th Oct 2015

All sounds good to me, not sure what nano blitzing is but im good with the rules.
Let me know when you want to get it started.
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