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July 2015 Giveaway
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Joined: 9th Jun 2015
Rank: Founder
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29th Jun 2015

Last month's contest was a success, but we feel like it might have limited the number of participants due to the complexity of producing entries. So we sat down to think of a way to include everyone. To celebrate our new website and in an effort to foster it's usage, we've decided to offer our famous MXM "Swag" bag to one chosen community member for the month of July. 

I know what you're asking: "But Rock, what do I have to do to get this awesome swag you speak of?" It's so simple that anyone can do it. Participate. 

For the entire month of July, we will be monitoring website usage. We will consider post count as well as depth of conversation, replies and helpfulness in the forums. One word posts don't count so don't waste your time. You understand what we're looking for. In an effort to increase our membership and community presence, we need participation and we couldn't think of any better way than to reward our community for being, well, a community.

Simple, right? I told you so. Now come on, spread the word, let's do what we do best and chat it up!

*Periodic updates will be made in this thread and recipient will be chosen the first week of August. Forums are moderated and inappropriate content will be removed.
Last Edit: 29th Jun 2015 by RockBottom0_o
Joined: 5th Oct 2014
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29th Jun 2015

Well this is an awesome idea and only requires participation! How can we ask for anything more as a community. Well I'm certainly going to put in some effort. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Joined: 11th Jun 2015
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7th Jul 2015

Sweet i like this lol but what is this swag bag tho lop
Joined: 16th Jul 2015
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16th Jul 2015

Is the swag bag full of cash?
Joined: 11th Jul 2015
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17th Jul 2015

Rock I will get this swag bag...... And swbf will help me achieve this lol
Joined: 10th Jun 2015
Rank: Member
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25th Jul 2015

Rock, what if one has no desire to achieve swag? Like some Asian people prefer rice over swag......that's racist I'm sorry swag it up
Joined: 28th Jun 2015
Rank: Site Administrator
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1st Aug 2015

Our July giveaway has ended. A recipient will be chosen soon. Stay tuned!
Last Edit: 1st Aug 2015 by RockBottom0_o
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