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June 2015 Contest
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Vote for your favorite June 2015 MXMGamingTV YouTube contest video

"Headless Cabal"
"Bubble Dare"
"That's Big"
"Fallen Captain"
"Fallen Outcast"
"From Downtown"
"EMT Needed!"
"Hulk Smash"
"Destiny 2015"
"Wha is happening right now"
"How I kill Crota! Clutch"
"I have my moments"

Joined: 9th Jun 2015
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9th Jun 2015


For the month of June we're offering a contest. Our YouTube channel is fairly new and barren. We'd like to fix this so we have a proposal. 

Record your videos, send us a link to your video: to then be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Please include your PSN id in your email and appropriately title your video. 

The first week of July we will vote on the best submitted video. The videos need to be destiny related but we will also consider a clan intro clip for editing in our future videos. Message me for MXM logos. Multiple entries are allowed. Contest is limited to MXM Destiny clan members only.

The prize? Our founders have gotten together and come up with the exciting idea of a "grab bag" assortment of gaming related goodies that can be mailed anywhere, regardless of the winners location.

So get busy, guardians! You've got one month to show us your best! Be creative and have fun. Fire up share factory and start recording.

*by submitting your videos, you agree to allow us to share your content
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Joined: 9th Jun 2015
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6th Jul 2015

Thank you for making our first MXM community contest a success! Our June video contest has ended and the results are in. Multiple participants submitted their fan made videos to fill a void on our YouTube channel. Thank you xX420assasinXx, Cykosis420, RaiseThyENIGMA and giggaman for providing our entertainment for the month of June! 

The winner of our first community contest, and recipient of our MXM “swag bag” is giggaman for his submission “EMT Needed!”. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the other contestants as well, I’m sure the community enjoyed watching your submissions as much as I have. Alas, we’re not done here. I can hear you now: “Rock, what do you mean we’re not done here? The results are in and the contest is over, right?” Yes and Yes. Here comes the twist! Ready? Due to recent community donations, it has been possible to do a little something for each of our contestants! That’s right, your contributions are going right back to the community! 

In addition to giggaman receiving the MXM “swag bag”, xX420assasinXx, Cykosis420 and RaiseThyENIGMA will all be receiving something special for their participation!

That said, congratulations to all of you for a job well done and outstanding effort. Each of you, please take a moment to email me your shipping information at Prizes will be mailed out later this week, once all addresses are received. Again, thank you and congratulations!
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13th Jul 2015

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