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27th Jul 2015

Hey folks!
Sorry I missed last week, real life needed my attention and I couldnt get around to kicking off these weekly blurb. 
Before I dig in I myself have yet to get to level 50 I'm sitting on 45 right now.
To the topic at hand! Let's talk getting to level 50. As more clan members,"new and old," jump into ESO its important to keep in mind helping each other get through the first fifty levels. There is allot to do through out Tamriel and its good to keep this in mind. Whether soloing or grouping up remember to go off the beaten path explore the unknown. We all know this is an Elder Scrolls game, so get don't to business and get out in the world!
Don't forget to do your guild quest! The Fighters guild and Mages guild are alive and well in Tamriel and its very lucrative to go through both of these quest lines. 
On another note in the first quarter of 2016 both the Thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood will be added as separate DLC so for those of you folks out there with dark hearts and cunning minds, keep an eye out.

As soon as possible put points into Persuasion and Intimidate, these dialog choices will come up allot through out your quest across Tamriel and make the game a bit easier.

Remember every five levels you will be granted the next part of the main ques line. So if you forget and then remember just go visit the Harborage. This also applies to the guild quest as well.

Dungeon's! These are fantastic for getting through those first fifty. Remember you must discover the dungeon in your factions area before you can queue up for other areas dungeons of equal level in other factions areas. Not only are these fun and challenging but they drop the sweet sweet loot. Have fun work together and you'll come out on top. 

Around your low 40's you might reach a dead end in where to quest and what to do. Just start grinding it out, double check all areas to make sure you've done everything possible and you should get through them fairly easily. ESO has more than enough to do to get you through your first 50 levels. If you really can't figure out what to do ask your guild mates! There's always dungeons, and they're more fun with friends anyways. 

Finally, finish the main quest line this will lead you to Coldharbor the final zone for levels 45-50. This place is bananas by far my favorite zone so far. Well by this point you should be 50 congratulations! Now its time to go through your Veteran ranks! At this point you will have the option of choosing 1 of the 2 remaining factions areas to quest through. Choose wisely, you might want to quest with your buddies!

This is all I can offer so far. If anyone has anything to add or see's any errors please let me know and I will be happy to correct them. 

As always,
See you in Tamriel!
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28th Jul 2015

Dont forget, if you get married, you will receive a ring that that grants a small xp boost. Also being an ESO sub grants an xp boost as well.
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