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19th Jul 2015

Hello all,

Tranquil here, but you already knew that.
I wanted to make a quick post about doing weekly forum post for the world of Tamriel, which we love so much. It's a big world and can be scary and full of seriously there's monsters everywhere and for some reason "you're" the only one who can solve these problems.
Anyhow, from here on out I will be putting up a few post a week on whatever topic I'm feeling and if I can't think of anything please reach out to me and let me know what you would like to hear about or what area of the game you would like more knowledge in. This also applies to just general discussion.
For those of you who read my vampire/werewolf post, my weekly post will look something like that.

Thank you for reading and see you in Tamriel

As a quick P.S. <---- I know I'm not writing a letter

Lets talk about mounts real quick. I just want to be clear and I'm sure most of you know this but seriously be leveling up your mounts!!! I can't stress this enough, it's one of those hidden things most people just gleam over. There is a mount vendor in most major cities! Lvl you're mount....DO IT!
It takes approximately 20hrs RL time for 1 day of training then you can come back and do it again. 
This will be 1% every day with a max of increase of 60% in Speed, Stamina, and Carrying capacity.
Again thank you for reading! 
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