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ESO Vampire or Werewolf
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10th Jul 2015

Hello there!

Those of us that play ESO probably know by now that Rock has become a werewolf and while this curse does affect him by donating just $1 a day you'll be helping werewolves every.....wait wrong thread.
Seriously though.
I've been doing allot of reading on the two supernaturally cursed creatures in ESO and wanted to start a discussion on these two forms. What do you think the pros and cons are besides the stuff we read online or see from others videos.
I'm sure its easy to get swept up in oh werewolf over vampire or vice versa. However, through my own findings I'm leaning more towards vampire, strictly for PVE. Unlike the werewolf you don't have to wait and charge your super just to use your powers, they're there from the get go. Also I've heard lvling a werewolf is a bit of a pain in the ass. Sure Vampires take more fire dmg, but there are so many more kinds of dmg you'll encounter so its not that big of a deal as long as your not going vamp around fire, or have others to back you up, cue werewolf or the non-afflicted. 
I've also been reading that both of these cursed creatures are terrible for PVP like something you DON'T want at all on your team. Cause more than likely everyone on the opposing team has joined the fighters guild and they do some serious, mess your day up stuff if you are one of these creatures.
Anyways this is starting to get long and I'm going to post some links to both the Vampire and Werewolf pages on an ESO wiki sight so you can figure out what works best for you, and if these even interest you.
Again you do NOT want to be either one of these for PVP just a heads up you PVPers.

http://elderscrollsonline ...

http://elderscrollsonline ... .com/Werewolf+Skills

Thanks for reading and see you in Tamriel! 
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10th Jul 2015

Oooo....good topic. Personally, I went with WW on my first char. I liked the passives it provided. I may try vamp on my 2nd char but yeah, I agree, Fighter's Guild all the way for PVP.
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14th Jul 2015

I have done alot of research on this topic. Some people go nightblade vamp for pvp. A way to kind of counter the fire damage you take as a vamp is to roll as a dark elf. They have natural fire resistance to help balance it out. The right plater behind a vamp can fare just fine in pvp. On the other hand the werewolf looks fun but they pigeonholed most of there passive and abilities to only work while transformed. I hope eso changes that so there is more utility to being a werewolf. I'm about to start a new character and I think I will make him a werewolf just for kicks.
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