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Skyforge Recruitment
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Joined: 9th Jun 2015
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11th Apr 2017

Status: Closed

NA Pantheon: Seekers Of Sin (Rank 4)
Available Slots: 18 Main / 4 Academy

The Basics:

  • Age 18+
  • Microphone 
  • Divine Form
  • 50%+ Combat Superiority (Invasions)
  • Ability to donate weekly (No Minimum)
  • [ltr]Active, Communicative & looking for Team Play[/ltr]
Our Focus: (Scheduled and Unscheduled)
  • Distortions & Flavius Laboratory  
  • 5&10 Player Hard Mode Content    
  • Pantheon Test Areas
  • Pantheon Wars (When Available)
  • Content Creation (Twitch, Youtube, etc. )

Please do not discuss or exhibit any of the following topics.
  • Religion, Racism or Politics -- You will get removed.
30 days of inactivity will get you temporarily removed, but your always welcome back!

If Interested:
Leave PSNID here, on the fb page or message me on discord!

PSN: Xorpheus
DISCORD: Xorpheus#0248
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Joined: 11th Apr 2017
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11th Apr 2017

Joined: 13th Apr 2017
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13th Apr 2017

Joined: 14th Apr 2017
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14th Apr 2017

BrokenAngel8307 i would like to join. Im looking for a more active pantheon / gamming community. I am 29k prestige.
Last Edit: 14th Apr 2017 by BrokenAngel
Joined: 19th Apr 2017
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19th Apr 2017

Joined: 22nd Apr 2017
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22nd Apr 2017

ICatch-U-Slippin 99k prestige
Joined: 24th Apr 2017
Rank: --
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24th Apr 2017

Would like to join for events. 100k prestiege.
PSN: Legos1979. Feel free to invite if you need help.
Joined: 15th May 2017
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15th May 2017


Newer player to this specific MMO, 17k prestige looking for an active pantheon.
Joined: 24th May 2017
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24th May 2017

Psn is Godslayer049 looking for a pantheon to do raids and avatar battles with. 130k prestige and willing to help anyone else
Joined: 3rd Jul 2017
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3rd Jul 2017

PSN is Tinkly_Sprinkles. Looking for an invite. Just started playing a couple of weeks ago, really enjoying it. At 59 prestige, looking for a great a guild to grow with. Gunner, Berserker unlocked currently but i enjoy playing on my paladin.
Joined: 7th Nov 2017
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7th Nov 2017

I'm at p74 looking for a patheon to join have archer and outlaw unlocked very active psn is Sigmia looking forward to hearing from you

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Forum » Forums » Clans/Guilds & Recruitment Locked
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