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FFXIV Recruitment
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29th Apr 2017

Status: Closed

Free Company: Seekers of Sin <SoS>
NA, Aether, Goblin
Rank: 8

Please post your in-game name or PSN id in this thread if you'd like to join our FC. We will message you a Discord invite to our community chats upon successfully joining. Thank you.

Recruiting info:

We are a casual PS4 community with small, friendly groups in many games such as Destiny, Battlefield, Paragon, Neverwinter, ESO, Skyforge, Madden, Overwatch and now FFXIV. I know we are late to the game but we look forward to establishing our FC on Aether/Goblin. We will also be looking for experienced players to fill admin spots within our new group. Our community uses Discord and welcome you to join us. All skill levels welcome. We look forward to experiencing both current and future content with you. Medium FC estate located in The Goblet, 8th Ward #25. Stop by and say “Hi”. We look forward to meeting you!
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Forum » Forums » Clans/Guilds & Recruitment Locked
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