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Marvel Heroes: Omega- How to get started
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9th Aug 2017

Marvel Heroes: Omega. “What is it and how do I get started?” some of you may be asking, as I sit here with popsicle in hand. How can I help? Well, I’ve decided to try my best to provide a few pointers and explain a few things to get you started. Enjoy the ride.
Marvel Heroes: Omega is a free to play MMO/ Action RPG available on PC, PS4 and XB1. The closest comparison I can come up with is Diablo. Top down, action rpg, hack and slash with loot. Lots of glorious loot. More information can be found here:
Ok, so you’ve watched some videos and visted the site, did some poking around and decided to download it. After all, it’s free, right? So where should you begin? It throws you right into the tutorial but afterwards you may select a character to play. You have 4 avenues here to choose from. Character selection may or may not be important at this point, depending on the players intention at end-game, but I’ll go into that later. For now, let’s get you in the saddle.
Right now there are 40 heroes available on PS4 with many more coming. Most heroes can be unlocked in game with a bit of grinding, using an in game currency called Eternity Splinters, that randomly drop from enemies. Heroes will range in price from 200 to 1350 splinters. Some heroes can be purchased from the in game store and/or PSN store in bundles that include full hero unlock, additional costumes, XP boosters and all kinds of goodies, for real cash. The other game currency is called G’s and again, G’s can be purchased in game or in the PSN store for cash. This is a free game afterall, they need to make scratch somehow
Hero pricing is as follows:
200 ES or 450 G’s
500 ES or 900 G’s
750 ES or 1350 G’s
Upon starting the game, you will have enough ES to purchase one of the starter heroes. Now here is where those options I mentioned earlier apply. Right now, on PS4, there is a in game VIP option. To qualify for the permanent VIP account upgrade you will be required to purchase either a bundle or G’s from the store. 
VIP account status includes:
·         Nightcrawler playable hero unlocked (VIP timed exclusive)
·         Permanent 5% bonus experience
·         Permanent 5% bonus credits
·         Marvelous loot box
·         10 extra storage slots
·         5 Eternity Splinters everyday you log in
The least expensive purchase is 500 G’s for $4.99. This will unlock VIP on your account and give you some cool stuff.
Playstation also has a FREE chracter unlock in the PSN store, Daredevil. That’s right, the devil of Hell’s Kitchen is free, as well as an alternate skin. Fully unlocked, ready for you to download.
Ok, we are back to those options again, aren’t we? Ok, here we go. What hero should you unlock first? Options:
1.       Use the FREE Daredevil, save your ES for a hero you really fancy later
2.       Buy a bundle (4.99 cheapest) to unlock VIP goodies with Nightcrawler unlocked
3.       Use your starting ES to buy a 200 ES character
4.       Or just buy whatever you want with your hard earned cash
Before selecting a character, you should know that you can play ANY character without having them unlocked, up to level 10. After that you won’t be able to progress until that hero is unlocked. Again, you can play around with ANY character up to level 10 to see if you will like them.
Your starting character choices, if bought with ES, are:
·         Angela
·         Black Widow
·         Captain Marvel
·         Hawkeye
·         Hulk
·         Kitty Pryde
·         Nova
·         Squirrel Girl
Again, the choices are FREE Daredevil, Nightcrawler (VIP) or one of the listed heroes with ES. There will be many more for you to eventually unlock but these will be the most obtainable from the start. Now, who should you pick? It’s entirely up to you but I’ll try to hit on a few of them from my experience. 

The free Daredevil is melee and for me, quite difficult to enjoy. He does, however, hit like a truck after a bit of leveling. If you’re into melee playstyles and are content with saving your ES then Daredevil might be for you. Nightcrawler is Melee as well but he has some tricks up his sleeve. With his high speed/mobility and teleport abilities, he’s hard to keep up with but he holds his own in most fights. Of the ES heroes, a few stick out. Angela is wanted in many end game groups for her abilities and that makes her a top tier hero at just 200 ES. She’s big on swordplay but her ability to confuse bosses and mobs is priceless as most will kill themselves off with little effort. Hulk is another solid choice. With brute strength, single targets or mobs stand little chance. It makes you warm and fuzzy when he leaps into the air to snatch a meteor only to slam it on top of his enemies or even snap a car in half to use as boxing gloves. Yep, Hulk is the man. Squirrel Girl is a good choice if you like summoners. Actually, she’s a good choice just because, well, squirrels. Lots of ‘em. Everywhere. She’s actually quite strong, putting her comic relief aside. Shooting acorns out of a rifle, lobbing squirrels at your enemies. I laugh everytime I see her maul bosses with her army of rodents. Honorable mention would be Hawkeye. As a ranged character he is pretty good for a starter. He has lots of utiliy in his kit from single target to mob control and even a bit of healing. I have little experience with the other starters so take that into consideration.
Ok, you still there? If I haven’t bored you to tears yet, I’ll give you a break to select a starting hero. Remember, you can play any hero up to level 10 without unlocking them. I’ll check in after your test drives.
Alright. Made your choice? Good. Let’s get started.
Story missions. Do them. They can be done solo or with a group of friends, even couch co-op. Difficulty levels are gated by trials to access them. The higher the difficulty, the better the loot. At level 11 you will have access to your first trial. Trials can be accessed from the tower hub. Trials are two stage sets of waves that must be completed before the time runs out. Once completed, you may access the next difficulty in any content you wish to play. Each hero will need to complete the trials individually. The trial difficulty in the game right now is Heroic, Super Heroic and Cosmic. We’ll cover Cosmic trials some other time. For now, just enjoy the game and complete the trials as you can.
Aside from story missions, you will unlock Operations, Patrol and Danger room. Danger room is like a holodeck with combat simulations. Loot. Lots of loot. Operations are pre designated missions with varying goals to achieve. Again, loot. If you are familiar with Destiny then you’ll be no stranger to patrol. It’s fairly similar. Several city blocks are available to roam with bad guys everywhere. Bosses spawn like public events about every 3 minutes so it’s easy to party up or follow a group of randoms around, jumping from event to event collecting tons of loot and XP. Eventually PS4 will be getting everything from PC, including harder difficulties,  PvP,  more story and raids. Yes, raids. Hopefully it won’t be a slow trickle of content.

In this post we’ve touched on getting started and character selection. If there is enough interest, I’ll be happy to cover more advanced topics in the future. For now, enjoy the game (if you’ve decided to give it a try) and don’t hesitate to ask questions in our Discord channel or right here. Thanks for reading and enjoy your loot
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