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Marvel Heroes: Omega- Cosmic Trials
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10th Aug 2017

Cosmic Trials
Ok, so I’ve mentioned Cosmic trials in my “How to get started” thread so we know that trials are how you access harder difficulties for better gear. Remember? Great. Here I will touch a bit on the Cosmic trial which unlocks the hardest difficulty and the best gear currently.
A lot of folks have been struggling with this and for good reason. It’s a hot topic in the Marvel forums and on the web in general. Some feel the trial is harder than it should be while others argue it’s in a good place. We won’t be debating that since right now it is what it is and presumably you want to complete it.
Cosmic trial is available at level 60, after you have completed your heroic and super heroic trials. It will be the same senario but baddies have more health and hit harder. By now I will assume you’ve done at least one trial so you should be familiar with the mechanics.
Unfortunately it seems some heroes are better suited for this challenge than others. If you hit up Google you will no doubt find hero suggestions and build info. All heroes can complete Cosmic but some require more attention to gear and skill rotations than others. My advice? Play who you love, learn your hero and learn their skills/talents. As you level you will unlock new skills and talents. Learn what works for you and read the skill descriptions as some play off one another very well. Same with talents. Use talents that work well with your preferred skills. For example, Iceman has freeze skills and shatter skills. The shatter skills do decent base damage but do lots of extra damage if the enemy is frozen first. So ideally you would freeze>shatter>freeze>shatter to make the most out of those skills. Always work in a rotation that suits your hero to maximize the damage.
Ok, now that you’ve done the trial on easier difficulties and you’ve hit 60, learned your skills and feel fairly confident in your gear up to this point, let’s get into the trial. In the middle of the map there is a truck. Use it. Fight around it so you can quickly and easily break line of sight with the mechs that lock on. Keep moving. If you stand still at any given time for too long, you will die. Fast. The first half isn’t bad as they nerfed Manderin’s fire to take away his damage over time. So just get through the first half and strap in for round number two. Mechs. Lot’s of them. They like to spam AoE and lock on. Use the truck to break line of sight. Go ham on them until Red Skull shows up. Be mindful that there is a current issue with his grenades. Sometimes you can't see them and if you are too squishy it will insta kill you without warning. If possible, keep him stunned and kill off the mechs so you can 1v1 him. Remember to use the truck. Note: if you kill either wave boss and just leave adds, the timer will dissapear from your screen but it is still possible to fail by time running out. For this reason I always prefer to leave the boss for last. Keep Red Skull stunned (if possible) and move. Keep moving. That should be it for you. It might take a few tries for you and you may have to re gear, change your skills or talents up but stay with it. The more you do it the more you’ll learn it and eventually you’ll be in Cosmic difficulty. I encourage you to search for specific builds and tactics for your chosen hero as they will likely help. Think of this as a “gear check”. Omega difficulty is coming and this is the game’s way of making sure you are ready for it. Be patient and don’t give up.

Good luck in your trial. Feel free to ask any questions either here or in our Discord channel. Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing you in Cosmic!
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