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sNijman's here!
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7th Jun 2016

Well hello there everyone! I for one know that the forums haven't been used all that much recently but I figured why not post and start up introductions. So let's start..

Well, my PSN is sNijman, which used to be my last name when my family used to live in South Africa, but got changed when we immigrated to the US. If you would like to know how to pronounce it, it is (snayman). Right now I live in Hawaii for the Army and before I moved here I was at Ft. Riley in Kansas for three years. Probably my most memorable to date. Maybe a little too many blacklight parties and road trips to Breckenridge, CO.

I've been playing online games ever since the original Call of Duty on PC. I've competed in a few MLG tournaments with previous teams with Modern Warfare and a few with Counter Strike. Now that I have my PS4, I play Destiny, GTA, and The Division.

I really think that's about it minus my whole life story involving sports..

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8th Jun 2016

Hello Skorp81223 is my psn I had been playing online games for almost 6 years with the same group of people moving from game to game. Started in DCUO and moved to destiny in its beta veen here scince glad to have found the clan and community we have here at MXM. I have 3 kids and a rotating schedule at work so my gaming time fluctuates. There are months where i can barely get on at all and then there are months where if your a night owl you will see me on all night. I was in the Army did 4 deployments one state side,two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.
I play multiple games on ps4 and a couple on pc
Right now the ones i play the most are Destiny, The Division, and OverWatch.

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Forum » Forums » Introductions
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