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19th Jul 2015

Hello everyone!
Finally getting around to doing one of these. 
My name is Spencer, 26yrs of age as of this year. I'm still in school, hoping to eventually become a teacher. Either middle school or college level. At the moment I support myself through the wonderful art of bar-tending! No I did not go to school for this, one day I got a call from my now boss, that my resume had been passed around and now I work at the number one bar in the United States, The Violet Hour, been there 3yrs. If your ever in Chicago let me know and you will get the hook up. Or swing by my other bar Analogue. Ok, ok I'm done advertising, back to me!
My hobbies include almost everything I can consume that is geeky/nerdy whatever you want to call it. I of course enjoy video games although find consuls until years after the Xbox had been released. I was familiar with computer games though. I also enjoy most table top games, a heavy D&D player, no I don't dress up. Also paint Warhammer miniatures. Read comics. Anime, anime, and some anime. 
Other than that I was born and raised in Tejas, Texas for those that don't know. So I love my outdoors of course I'm active, I don't own a vehicle of any kind at the moment. Been riding my bicycle everywhere for the past 5yrs.
Finally I got introduced to this clan through Destiny, I was looking for people to group with cause we all know how that goes. Horrible >> Found Rocks post about the clan and at the time it was only 9days old. So for those that don't know me I'm one of the older members. Fell of Destiny though cause ESO is where my jams are at. I might come back to Destiny one day but its too broken for me personally to enjoy at the moment.
If you ever want to hope over to ESO though feel free to message me in LINE chat or on here, I'm an active officer and will be more than happy to help.

Thanks for reading, and see ya in game!
Forum » Forums » Introductions
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