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What's your favorite pvp weapon.
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Joined: 14th Jun 2015
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14th Jul 2015

Hello all, I was curious to see what all of you use in pvp. I'll start it off. Out of all the weapons I have, my current favorite pvp weapon is either red death or hawkmoon. The reason I like them is I prefer precision weapons in pvp and yhere sights are very clear and easy to use. I have all the legendary hand cannons and plenty of other exotics though so I like so switch it up on occasion.
Joined: 13th Jul 2015
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14th Jul 2015

I dont have many exotic weapons. I got thorn and word but dont use them. I tend to use either vex or newly acquired juju. So in short pulse rifles and shotties. I agree with percision weapons and clear sights. But hey I'm not great at pvp.
Joined: 13th Jul 2015
Rank: Member
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14th Jul 2015

I love bad juju in pvp idk why just something about it haha I generally suck with handcannons the only exotic one I have is the last word if I'm quick enough with precision damage my bad juju does great against people with thorn
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