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Relic Holding
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Joined: 10th Jun 2015
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16th Jul 2015

We all get in those groups where only 1 or 2 people know how to use the relic and it gets frustrating when you're on Atheon and the 2 that know how dont get ported through. So here are some tips:

The Templar is probably the most difficult boss fight in my opinion. I think its much easier doing this from the bottom. Here is why; from the top theres always that one oracle on the left side that is hard to get when the Templar is there. And if you miss an oracle it's pretty much a wipe. If everyone goes to the top right hand side its much easier. Let the relic holder smash the Harpys but omce they open up and start shooting, they are dair game. It cause less deaths that way. Also, let the relic holder smash the oracles on that right platform, the one immediatley down the stairs, and the hidden left one. This is because smashing an orcale gives you more super energy than killing a few harps. Which leads to more supers taking down the Templar's shield. Missimg an oracle is no problem either because everyone is right there on the same platform and can get a cleanse quickly and easily. Just remember if you miss both oracles on hard, the relic holder will have to cleanse twice.

Atheon is much easier for relic holders in my opinion. Three people get ported to either Mars or Venus each time. One picks up the relic the other two will need to take down the oracles. If it is venusnhave your teamates through grenades or shoot rockets at the Minotaur at the bottom of the stairs. If on Mars no one should do that because it's Hobgoblins at the bottom and they will put that shield up. This makes it difficult for the Relic holder to kill them. As soon as the enemies are killed the holder should quickly go cleanse the other two members. Those two should be shooting the oracles in the order they appear. After each oracle killed I like to do a cleanse. Once down to the last two oracles do a quick cleanse and go out the portal and to the center platform in front of Atheon. I like doing this because it maximizes the time able to shoot Atheon and no one needs to stand on the platforms to keep the portal open because they cannot be shut down by Harps. The relic holder should always call out 5 seconds and then at 3 seconds everyone should clear out. They key component for jolders is communication. They hold the success or failure o Mc their shoulders.

Hope this helps!
Joined: 10th Jun 2015
Rank: Administrator
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17th Jul 2015

Ahh yes! Completely forgot! Thanks for saying something about that. Being teleported back hasnt happened in a raid group I've played with in so long.
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