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Iron Banner Grinding and Drops
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31st Jul 2015

Iron Banner is a great way to increase your pvp skills but the grind is not always fast so im going to throw some tips out. Equipping an Iron Banner shader, class item and title will all give you a bonus to all rep gained.

Getting those bounties and rep is a long rigorous task. Getting the first character to rank 3 will always take the longest. So grimdthose matches and complete all the bounties. Once your first character is rank 3 and you have all the bounties completed, switch characters. Since one of your characters is rank 3, you will gain an additional boost to rep gained. Complete the bounties and grind matches. This character should not take as much time to hit rank 3 as the first did. Omce you've hit rank 3 and completed all the bounties on your 2nd character, switch to your 3rd. Reaching rank 3 on this toon should be a flash. Once the bounties reset just do the same thing to hit rank 5. Get rank 5 on one character. Then the next and finally your last character. With all the rep bonus you are receiving, it'll be a breeze hitting rank 5. 

Now weapon drops after matches. The only Iron Banner weapons that will drop will be the rocket launcher and the 2 weapons that were sold the last Iron Banner. So if you are wanting say Felwinters but the last time it was sold was 2 Iron Banners ago, you will never see it drop in Iron Banner after match rewards.

Hope this helps everyone! See you all on the playing field!
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