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Hunter PvP Setup
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Joined: 10th Jun 2015
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15th Jul 2015

As you all know I posted my Warlock PvP setups and they work really well for me. So I experimented with the Hunter for a bit adjusting certain perks as  I went along and found what works best for me. Here they are.

Arc Blade-Razor's Edge
Blink Strike-Backstab(one hit melee when you are behimd an enemy)
Path Forgotten
Quick Draw
Way of the Fearless
Hungering Blade
Exotics- Weapons of your choice but for armour I run with Mask of the Third Man or Lucky Raspberry. Third Man helps your Arc nlade last longer because it uses less super energy when you attack. Raspberry is great for arc bolt grenades as it has a larger chain and you spawn with grenade energy everytime. That means you will have more grenades throughout the match.

Since it was not possible to have high armour and recovery, I went with max agility and armour. The Hunter as it is cannot take the beating a Warlock or Titan can so the Armour definitley helps. Agility is to move around faster especially with Arc Blade. I use Razor's Edge because it allows me to kill enemies from a distance. It helps when you see a couple people bunched up and dont want to get close for fear of wasting a perfectly good super. Quick draw is really good when youre in a pinch. Switching from you primary to a shotty when youre at close range with no delay is a life saver. And finally, Hungerimg Blade has saved me more than once. It always you to regain health after a blink strike or arc blade kill. This is helpful when there are a few enemies shooting at you. I love this class and this setup. Now for Gunslinger.

Jump-Higher Jump
Golden Gun-Combustion
Throwing Knife-Incendiary Blade
Path Forgotten
Way of the Fearless
Chain of Woe
Exotics-The Syndicate helm is my personal favorite here because that extra golden gun shot really does help. For the exotic weapon I highly suggest Thorn. As you can see this class is focused on DOT(Damage over time) and Thorn cause DOT as well. Combustion is really nice when there are multiple enemies standing next to each other. Getting 2 or 3 kills with one Golden gun shot is easily done with this perk because it cause the initial person shot to explode and kill those enemies nearby. Keyhole is another perk to get multi kills easily because it overpenerrates and can hit mulitple targets. Combinimg that and Combustion together is just devestating. And finally, Chain of Woe makes you reload faster after geting headshot kills, which is jice when you are in a pinch. 

Hope these setups are useful and help you in the Crucible! Good luck Guardians!
Joined: 10th Jun 2015
Rank: Administrator
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16th Jul 2015

You're welcome Gigga! Just trying to help the community out!
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