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How to: Join The Ready6 Discord Voice Server.
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22nd Jan 2017

**This process is less than 5 minutes.**

Important Note: 
Discord is an amazing tool to the clan as it connects us all, its up to you to use it to your advantage. Every 30 days people who do not participate MAY get purged by the automatic cleaning system. This is not equal to removal from Ready6, as its just some bot that cleans people who don't chat. Contact your games admins/leader if you feel you get purged wrongly.TLDR: Chat at least once every 30 days.

Guide Starts Here:

1. Go to  and register your account. PLEASE make your Discord name as close to your PSN as possible, if you can't don't worry we have a Nickname option on our server.  Don't forget to go to your email and verify the account.

2. Then go to and Download Application on PC, MAC or Search for it on your Phones App Store. Close the browser window to not get the two of them confused.

3. Install the software and once it loads use the login you recently created. Remember your account must be verified through email.

4. Click on the Plus Sign on the left and choose “Join a Server” not create one.

4.5 You can then enter a code.... the Ready 6 Servers code is : 0c6HEgytw6Ourqhe, or hit the DISCORD link on the right side of the home page. Provided here for convenience. 

Ready 6 Discord Link:

5. After you accept your invite or enter the code, you should say hello in general chat and announce which game you play! Then visit your channel using #Battlefield or #Destiny_pve.

5.5. Should you have an issue with using your PSNID as your official Discord Name please use our nickname feature and change your name to your exact PSNID:


After you have completed all these steps and your PSNID matches your discord name in the Ready 6 Server, you have completed the whole setup. You can choose to change notification settings per channel, and also server wide. I'd recommend visiting those settings if you use this on mobile.

Thanks for helping us create a great environment of communication!


Forum » Forums » General Discussion Locked
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