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For being helpful and dedicated. Thank you.


What game(s) would you like for us to support this year?
Call of Duty: WWII 4

Rainbow 6 Seige 2

Elder Scrolls Online 2

Overwatch 5

Fortnight (Including Battle Royale) 4

Paladins 1

Smite 0

Warframe 5

Planetside 2 0

Hawken 0

Blacklight Retribution 0

Star Trek Online 0

Other (please discuss in Discord) 0

23 votes
Proud home of "Seekers of Sin" multigaming clan

Thank you for finding your way to our site. Ready6 welcomes you. Please make yourself at home, enjoy your stay and make some new friends. 

Ready6Gaming is a PS4 community that prides itself on a family oriented friendly atmosphere. Ready6's roots started with a small four member Destiny clan made up of friends, Milites Ex Mortis. Upon reaching end game activities, it was clear we needed more like minded players to complete activities. We made a decision to open the clan publicly March 2015 and have grown exponentially. We now teeter on maximum member count for Destiny clans but our group keeps growing in part to our many friendly and helpful members. We also have several social media accounts such as Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Discord and Twitter.

Ready6's  purpose is simple. As gamers, we play different games, right? Of course, so why limit ourselves to just one clan/guild  for one game? We've filled our friends lists and had fun along the way but why stop there? Why not play other games with friends we've already made? Ready6Gaming provides a way for all PS4 gamers to come together regardless of the games they play to form a solid community. 

None of us expected to be this successful and we are happy to provide the means for like minded players to make friends and form groups for activities. It is truly our pleasure to have created this group for you, but it is our members that make it a community.

Welcome and thank you.

Interested in joining us? Please visit our recruiting page  HERE .

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Don't regret selling a game you wish you had kept. That being said, this is a...
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PSN ID: TheGameSageTGS I'm all over the place. Preference, usually when I'm on,...
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PSN ID: TheGameSageTGS Azmy recently joined and I would love to get in on this....
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PSN ID: TheGameSageTGS There are all kinds of games I'd love to team up in. O...
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1 day ago RAG_GSS
Any more raids in D2 leviathan this month??
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21st Oct 2017 Ready6Gaming created a new topic Warframe
STATUS: Open If you think you'd like to join our Warframe clan, we welcome you!...
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3 days ago Kingsshield is attending the event Leviathan Raid Lair
3 days ago Kingsshield just joined our community, welcome!
4 days ago valaroundtown is attending the event Leviathan Raid Lair
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